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Record the contact data of your guests as part of your COVID-19 protection concept. Without app or other programs.

Marketing with SMS and fax

Achieve Higher Target Group Interaction Rates

Did you know that text messaging is a much more effective way of capturing attention and of increasing target group interaction rates than any other type of messaging medium? The importance of SMS marketing has been largely underestimated by many companies so far. Why not place yourself one step ahead of your competitors and achieve higher sales through SMS marketing?

An SMS gateway enables you to achieve a higher reach and higher target group interaction rates. It is a simple and effective solution which is very easy to integrate into your existing IT infrastructure via interfaces. It will provide you with the highest degree of flexibility possible.

Further key facts about SMS marketing:

Please read on to find out why eCall’s SMS gateway provides you with the perfect solution:

  • Simple to use and easy to integrate via interfaces in existing CRM/ERP programmes;
  • No additional IT infrastructure or software necessary;
  • A fast and cost-effective way to send and receive a large number of SMS messages across the globe;
  • Transmission performance of up to 50 SMS messages per second;
  • Allows you to communicate with your customers/colleagues whatever the type of mobile device;
  • High delivery rates as it is not necessary to download an app to receive SMS messages.

The eCall SMS gateway can be used in wide variety of ways:

  • To conduct effective SMS marketing campaigns that are targeted towards specific groups;
  • To advertise competitions, products or promotions;
  • To send appointment reminders, delivery updates, reservation confirmations and much more;
  • To generate simple reporting with an intelligent transmission/receipt protocol    in real time;
  • To protect customer accounts/logins from unauthorised use with two-factor user authentication.

Find out which functions eCall offers you from our brochure.

Customer requirements

Fax marketing
“My customers are in the retail business and they don’t spend all their time sitting in an office.  As Head of Sales, I need to easily and quicly  inform my partners and customers about special offers or sales promotions,  they also need an option to reply just as easily.” Peter Seller, Head of Sales

Das Symbol zeigt ein Faxgerät und ein Schild mit Prozentzeichen darauf.

With eCall’s Fax Service, you can rapidly spread the news about special offers.  Simply send faxes with an accompanying order form to one or many partners or customers. You then receive their orders directly in your email in-box via your personal fax recipient number. 

“Sending advertising by email is a tricky process that often results in customers cancelling newsletter subscriptions. We wanted to avoid this  so we use text messages to draw our customers’ attention to our competitions and promotions. - Paul Neumann, pharmacist

Das Symbol zeigt ein Smartphone und einen Siegerpokal

To optimize your approach to your target group, use eCall SMS to run competitions that support your sales campaigns.  Entrants send a text message with a key word or ask them to submit a winning code to the short number 963. Please contact your contact person

Marketing for events
“We’re planning an Open Day and to help us reach clients who frequenty miss our email communications because of a diluge of emails  we also use SMS to reach our customers by mobile phone as well.”  - Karin Wagner, marketing assistant

Das Symbol zeigt ein Smartphone mit Kalender-Symbol auf dem Bildschirm, einen elektronischen Brief und eine Uhr.

98% of all text messages are opened and read! Given this, text messaging can be a far more effective and more personal method of Marketing. eCall offers a range of business solutions for Web-based text messaging.

SMS marketing
“More and more people are refusing to accept advertising mailshots that arrive with their regular mail, so we are reaching fewer and fewer members of our target group. Expensive direct mailshots are virtually ignored, and response rates are miniscule! Woud it be possible to send out advertising to mobile phones, to boost reach and awareness?”  Veronika Feldmann, Marketing Officer

Das Symbol zeigt ein Smartphone mit Email-Symbol auf dem Bildschirm und weiteren Symbolen wie Emails, Prozentschild und Megafon um dieses herum.

Text messaging campaigns can generate response rates up to 100 times higher than any other communication channel. In addition, virtually all of today’s customers use mobile phones. eCall offers the option of sending text messages directly to your customers’ mobile phones via interfaces or a Web portal. No need for an extra app.

Product presentation
“All retailers that add new products to their shelves need to grab their customers’ attention to promote and boost sales of these new arrivals. Usually a short text is all that is required to generate such attention. Typically few read the more detailed content below the headline, anyway.” - Joachim Eckstein, Product Manager

Das Symbol zeigt ein Megaphon mit Schallwellen und einem Email-Symbol.

Use text messaging to send a teaser message containing short URLs that redirect to your website. This boosts your traffic rates and attracts the attention of more prospective customers. In addition, a website environment allows you to present your new products with more impact (e.g. by incorporating videos, interactive graphics etc.).

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