Contact tracing by SMS with eCall

Record the contact data of your guests as part of your COVID-19 protection concept. Without app or other programs.

Send SMS surveys to customers

The benefits of a survey by text message

Ask your customers, patients, employees etc about the quality of your services and products directly after interaction by text message. Or use a text message as a surprising medium in mobile market research.

Das Bild zeigt ein Mobiltelefon mit einem SMS-Chat  
Das Symbol zeigt ein blaues Häkchen High 98% opening rate (email 15 to 30%)

There is no other kind of communication medium like text message, with this level of opening rate. This means you can replace emails successfully with text messages.

Das Symbol zeigt ein blaues Häkchen Fast, direct contact

Many customers are not yet very aware of surveys by text message. This means they stand out from the mass of emails and attract more attention and also give a feeling of personal closeness.

Das Symbol zeigt ein blaues Häkchen High response rate of over 50%

Experience shows that over half of those surveyed using text messages respond. So you can gather lots of critical quality information, to help improve your customer satisfaction levels.


eCall tip

There are two basic options for collecting customer feedback using text message surveys. A) You ask questions in the message itself or B) You send a quick link to the survey (e.g. SurveyMonkey) in your message.

Das Bild zeigt ein Mobiltelefon mit einem SMS-ChatFind out more about the two options here


Follow these five basic rules for carrying out a text message survey.

Das Bild zeigt ein Mobiltelefon mit einem SMS-ChatLink to tip document

Text message surveys using eCall support your market and opinion research

  • Opening and response rates for text messages are considerably higher than for emails. We would be happy to give you valuable input regarding customer surveys and customer feedback. We can show you how you can approach your customer successfully by text message.

  • Data collection by text message for mobile market research projects is on-trend once more. That’s why many marketing experts and market researchers are interested in the medium of text messaging again.
  • Text message surveys are absolutely ideal for finding out how satisfied customers are with your services or products. Short, to the point messages are seen as important, and are more likely to be read than emails.

  • Use the enormous reach of text messaging - regardless of apps and the required internet connection. Text messages reach your customers at the right place at the right time.

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“A major advantage of eCall is the fast, efficient distribution of information to partners and also internal areas on mobile devices.”

– Marco Balli, ASTRA, Director, transport telematics

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Examples of applications for text message surveys

  • Determining levels of customer satisfaction for products and services
  • Mobile market research
  • Quality assessment of customer support
  • Surveys within your target group
  • Surveys on customer service

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