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Why customers appreciate eCall

An estimated 50% of medical practices still use conventional fax machines to send medical reports and referrals. IT company BlueCare AG in Winterthur has integrated eCall’s fax service into its "BlueConnect" software solution. The solution helps medical practices to deal with the growing number of administration tasks more efficiently and to improve processes in the practice.

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"The well-established eCall system fulfils our technical requirements, and Dolphin Systems dealt with our individual requirements with extremely convincing professionalism." - Natalie Cartier, Head of Communications, BlueCare

B. Braun Medical, global manufacturer of medical devices, replaced its fax transmission and receipt system. The company now uses eCall as a cloud-based fax solution throughout its Swiss branches, replacing its local server infrastructure. eCall provides 1,100 fax numbers. This enables operations to be simplified and cost savings to be made. 

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"Dolphin Systems worked with us as partners during the design and operation phase. For instance, they implemented automated user account opening via the export/import interface. And the enormous reduction in costs was an important factor." Helmut Fischer, System Engineer IT Infrastructure at B. Braun.

Balgrist University Hospital uses eSMS in its nursing care services, as a rapid, simple way of contacting duty staff from the pool of reserve staff. When required, and taking availability into consideration, an online SMS is sent out to the staff listing the unfilled roster positions. Duty staff reply directly using their cellphones; the clinic receives the messages at a predefined email address. The process is exceptionally efficient.

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"The consultancy service we received from Dolphin Systems was outstanding. Based on an analysis of our needs and the traffic volumes involved, they proposed a largely customized solution. Our online service has now been in operation for some time and has proved its excellence. It offers outstanding value for money. Our working relationship with Dolphin Systems is very smooth; any issues are dealt with rapidly, reliably and expertly." - Judith Seitz, Head of Nursing Care

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