Contact tracing by SMS with eCall

Record the contact data of your guests as part of your COVID-19 protection concept. Without app or other programs.

SMS alerting and technical alerting

Alert simultaneously or staggered with acknowledgement via SMS to Voice, E-Mail to SMS and E-Mail to Pager

Reliably monitor IT or technical infrastructures. Alert and inform with our SMS alert from the secure Swiss private cloud.

Customer requirements

“In the event of a malfunction I need to communicate information rapidly to avoid complaints. To do this, I have to reach my customers as directly as possible. In this situation, emails are not very effective and telephone calls are too time-consuming.” - David Gruber, IT Customer Service

Das Symbol zeigt einen aufgeklappten Laptop mit einem x auf dem Bildschirm und daneben ein Smartphone mit einem Ausrufezeichen auf dem Screen.

In a few clicks, eCall allows you to send your customers an SMS message from your computer, warning them about the malfunction and informing them about the situation rapidly and efficiently. Templates and contact lists can be created to simplify the process still further.

Monitoring / Surveillance
“Maintenance of our machine pool is a time- and labor-intensive task. It takes time to inspect every machine manually for fault signals. Maintenance would be much easier if we could get status or fault reports sent directly to our workstations.” - Stefan Sturm, IT project lead

Das Symol zeigt ein Auge und zwei Zahnräder.

eCall uses interfaces integrated into your system to transmit information, and thus streamlines your overview of the various information flows. Key status, fault and malfunction reports from sensors, machinery control units, system monitoring equipment, or building automation systems can be filtered automatically and redirected to the responsible members of staff.

Information/subscription services
“We have to activate weather or avalanche warnings whenever the weather and snow conditions demand. Our preference would be an information service which locals and interested members of the public could subscribe to themselves. The service would then send information to subscribers by contacting their cellphones.” - Gisela Bucher, local government official

Das Symbol zeigt ein Smartphone mit Email-Symbol auf dem Bildschirm und daneben zwei Personen.

With eCall, you can set up a text messaging information service and invite members of the public and affected individuals can subscribe. Information is saved in the service system and can then be accessed by subscribers in the form of text messages, with content that you write online using the Internet. Please get in touch with your contact partner. 

General alarms
“I am currently involved in organizing ‘general alarm’ processes in my district. We use both stationary sirens and mobile sirens–– but they’re not enough. More remote houses and farms are warned by telephone, but that means if my pilot district needs to activate an alarm, I need to make around 30 telephone calls in multiple languages. We’re seeking to optimize this process.” - Eugen Zurbuchen, Swiss Office of Military and Civil Protection

Das Symbol zeigt ein Blaulicht mit Datenwellen und einen elektronischen Briefumschlag.

eCall enables you to send voice messages (text to speech) The system calls individuals or large groups and ‘reads’ the written message content, e.g. “Attention, this is a general alarm. Please switch on your radio and follow instructions.” Voice messages can be sent to any telephone or cellphone throughout the world, in the languages DE, EN, FR, and ITA. The system can also prompt for confirmation that the message has been received.

Find out which functions eCall offers you from our brochure.

Comprehensive needs in the field of alarm and crisis management

Are your alerting and notification needs more extensive than an SMS channel can fulfil? We recommend FACT24

This Web-based service supports you in the prevention, management and follow-up of critical incidents. Find out more about this leading solution for global alerting, notification and crisis management on our website, or contact your local representative

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