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Die Swisscom folgt bei der Umstellung auf All IP dem internationalen Trend

All IP: Time to switch to an Internet fax service

Swisscom is planning to change all analogue landline services soon. The traditional telecom infrastructure will thus be switched off gradually from 2018 onward. This new development will likewise affect fax machines, which will then no longer function reliably. Swisscom therefore recommends that fax users switch to an Internet fax service.

Swisscom's timetable envisages that smaller business customers will have switched completely to IP by the end of March 2019 and larger business customers by the end of September 2019.

The impending switch-off will place many companies under pressure to change. But there's no need to despair - with careful preparation, processes can be streamlined and costs can be saved.

Why the switch-off?

In changing over to All IP, Swisscom is reflecting the international trend. Most private telecom users today sign up for an all-in digital package, comprising IP telephony, high-speed Internet, time-shift TV, movie and TV series streaming, and more. Modern networks can only handle these enormous data volumes by using IP (Internet Protocol). Now it's the business sector's turn to change over to the globally established technology for its data transmission. Efficiency as well as flexibility are the key factors during business day. Our communication systems are at the forefront. These are for modern companies like the air to breathe. Numerous companies have accomplished the switch to solutions that are digital. 

Change as opportunity

The change offers companies the opportunity to reconsider whether their communications infrastructures are fit for the future. Classic telephone systems hosted in-house are being outpaced by externally operated cloud-based solutions. Once the infrastructure for a fully digital solution is in place, these companies will be able to respond more flexibly and more cost-effectively to further new challenges. 

Analogue communication will disappear

Sooner or later, analogue communication methods will vanish from the market. Many companies find this development extremely challenging – or even overwhelming. Companies whose corporate processes are based wholly or partly on fax communication are particularly affected.

Swisscom’s recommendation: an IP-based solution

This is a solution allowing users to send faxes directly from their PC or via e-mail. eCall is an example of an IP-based solution. 

Over 25 years of experience

We have 25 years of experience on the Swiss IT market and online fax business. We will naturally be happy to advise you on your changeover.

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What to watch out for in the changeover

In addition to classic landline telephony, a host of other applications will be affected by the changeover to IP. All services that use an old landline telephone connection or ISDN: alarm systems, emergency telephones in elevators, model applications, building services systems

The link offers first-hand information on all details of All IP from Swisscom.

Advantages and disadvantages of the changeover


  • Save on (process) costs
  • Wide range of innovative services
  • Block commercial callers
  • Faster data transmission
  • Single network for everything (All IP)


  • Internet is less secure
  • New equipment may be necessary
  • Power outages must be catered for
  • Some changes may involve high costs


  • Investigate IP solutions that could be right for you at an early stage
  • Compare costs and benefits to make the right decision
  • Ask your manufacturer whether you can continue using your present equipment
  • Set up an emergency power supply if necessary
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