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Email SMS: Write an SMS via e-mail or directly via our portal

Sending text messages by email is a fast, efficient method of business communication. Be it boosting brand loyalty, announcing special offers or informing employees of the latest news, create the message directly in your standard email program, such as Outlook or Gmail. Send your email SMS to individuals or groups and receive replies.

Sending 'E-mail to SMS' messages via your eCall account

You can set up your eCall account so that you can send a message to a mobile phone directly from your e-mail program. This is possible with any mail program. Here is a step by step explanation.

The benefits

  • Immediate access to the EMail2SMS interface
  • All contacts can be reached at the address
  • SMS emails can be assigned to your contact
  • Recipients can reply directly to messages from the sender
  • Up to 5.000 recipients can be addressed simultaneously

eCall makes the most of your Outlook Calendar!

Send invitations to meetings as email SMS from Outlook. This type of invitation to important meetings or other appointments is ideal for arranging meetings with associates or colleagues who do not work with Outlook or do not use online calendars. You can also use SMS to send yourself automatic reminders of appointments or tasks in Outlook. 

'Email SMS' for Swisscom and Sunrise Clients

You can easily calculate your monthly bill from Swisscom or Sunrise. eCall offers the service "eSMS". This allows you to send and receive SMS directly from Outlook 207 and 2010 or from any other mail program.

Your benefits:

  • Send and receive SMS messages using Outlook or other mail programs
  • Immediate access to the EMail2SMS interface
  • All contacts can be reached at the address
  • SMS emails can be assigned to your contact
  • Up to 50 recipients simultaneously
  • Direct replies
  • Charged directly to your Swisscom or Sunrise cellphone bill

Get started now – send an SMS:

  • For Outlook 2013, 2016, Office 365 or other email program, send "START MAIL EN" as an text message to the number 304
  • For Outlook 2007 or 2010 send "START ESMS EN" as an text message to the number 304.

Start for free! No standing charges to pay. You pay only for the messages you actually send. With eCall account: charges reflect your points price. Without eCall account: CHF 0.20 per SMS and 160 characters per recipient is charged directly to your cellphone bill.

To complete setup, follow the operating instructions for the mail program you use.

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