Contact tracing by SMS with eCall

Record the contact data of your guests as part of your COVID-19 protection concept. Without app or other programs.

Send and receive online faxes on your PC

Implement our Fax Gateway in your business applications or software. Sending a fax by Internet is as simple as sending an email. We host your fax solution, and you save on costs of fax machines, software, extra telephone lines, servers, paper and toner. Communicate with your customers, suppliers, partners and employees anywhere in the world.

Your benefits

  • Cut costs of toner, paper, power consumption etc.
  • Own virtual fax number
  • Fax at every workplace optimizes work processes
  • Data never leave Switzerland
  • Personal telephone support
  • Be prepared for Swisscom’s changeover to All IP

Get started with online faxing in less than two minutes

Sending online faxes on your PC

Fax via internet

Find out which functions eCall offers you from our brochure.

Das Symbol zeigt ein links oben ein Faxgerät und rechts unten einen aufgeklappten Laptop, während ein Pfeil vom Faxgerät zum Laptop zeigt.

Email to fax

Sending a fax

  1. Create an email with the recipient’s fax number followed by: (e.g.
  2. Add any file as an attachment. Click “Send”.
  3. eCall transmits the message to the recipient’s fax machine and sends you a confirmation email.

Receiving a fax

  1. Fax from eCall arrives in your inbox as an email.
  2. The message is attached as a PDF file. Double-click on the PDF file to open your fax.
  3. Save, manage and archive faxes on your computer.

    Sending faxes from our Web interface
    You can also use eCall to send a fax online directly from our Web interface in your Web browser. Create groups by uploading your contacts as CSV files.

    Direct sending by Microsoft Exchange
    Business customers can send online faxes using their Outlook address book. All employees can send documents in Word, Excel, PDF and other formats from their desk.

    The following documents and files can be sent with eCall
    Open here the list with all supported formats >> Open list as PDF / save list

    Sending online faxes – Areas of application

    Processing orders

    • Communicate with customers, partners and suppliers from your ERP or CRM system

    Marketing campaigns

    • Fax promotional offers to customers and partners

    Roster planning

    • Send out work rosters to employees


    Explore our Fax Service

    Online Fax - die Einsatzgebiete
    • Fax cover sheet
    • High Privacy
    • SLA
    • Log file
    Fax cover sheet

    Own fax cover sheet

    This option allows you to create a custom cover sheet for your company, with logo, company font, images, graphics etc.  You can edit the cover sheet yourself as a Word or HTML file.

    High Privacy

    High Privacy Fax

    Use the "High Privacy" fax function to send sensitive data like financial information, banking or patient data etc. After sending, the system overwrites the message, preventing it from being reconstructed. Only the connection data remain visible in the log.


    Service Level Agreement (SLA) Premium

    Your personal Account Manager organizes solutions to any problems that occur. You receive round-the-clock professional support from our eCall Hotline.

    Log file

    Sending log files as email

    Your log files can automatically be emailed to you, providing you with an additional tool for managing your fax communication. It enables you to create an orderly archive of your logbook data which can be analysed in more detail.


    We supply a range of price models and individual conditions. Let us talk about a tailor-made offer to suit your needs. Find out more in our price overview.



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