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eCall™ business-sms

Options: Customize your solution individually

Our professional messaging service offers a multifarious and flexible product to business customers that we can customize after their individual needs.

For expanding your eCall™ service and for an optimized use of it this system offers various interfaces.

It is possible in eCall™ to rent one or more mobile numbers. With this number you can receive, forward and send text messages.

- Transmission costs per received text message: 0.5 points

With the SMS top prioritization you can send important text messages, for example within the scope of an access security system (authentication codes etc.), very quickly to the mobile phones of your clients, employees or users.

You send sensitive data with an activated data security option without having the original content reconstructed or recognized after the processing.

Gleiche Datenschutz-Option wie "High Privacy SMS" für den Fall, dass ein SMS über die Sprachmaschine (text-to-speech) vorgelesen wird. Auch hier kann der originale Inhalt nach der Verarbeitung nicht mehr rekonstruiert oder eingesehen werden.

Sie können über eCall eine VPN-Anbindung (neue Business-Option) von uns einrichten lassen. VPNs sind stark verschlüsselt und daher viel Sicherer als herkömmliche Netzwerke.

The wildcard makes simple maintaining and contacting of email address groups possible.

All elements of your email layout can be adapted to your wishes. We recommend this option if an automatic processing of the email (parsing) takes place.

With the logfile notification we offer additional possibilities for a professional supervision and control of your eCall™ account.

365 days a year, around the clock! Quick help is available with our prioritized support over the personal and professional Dolphin Systems support hotline.