Transport and Logistics

eCall in use
Why customers appreciate eCall

Galliker Transport & Logistics, the well-established transport company, based in Altishofen in the canton of Lucerne, uses our SMS Gateway as a reliable method of contacting replacement drivers and ensuring that important logistics routes are covered.

Das Bild zeigt das Logo von Galliker Transport & Logistics.

"eCall provides us with exactly the interfaces we need to integrate into our own software. It was very easy to set up SMS sending and receipt using our own in-house applications." - Fredy Feurer, Deputy Manager IT

Bertschi Group uses our services to optimize communication between schedulers and drivers. The smart SMS solution guarantees easier contact between all stakeholders and rapid transmission of all relevant information. 

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"With the Dolphin Systems solution, we are able to provide better accessibility and time-saving delivery of all relevant information. Today, 120 employees are already communicating across Europe with the cloud solution."